Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dim T Winchester

My friend recommended I try Dim T in Winchester, I've seen the resturant a few times and eaten on the same street but never inquired into this little gem. The menu is Asian Fusion foods, with a great focus on starters, who doesn't love appetisers?
There allergy information is good, they tell you everything with milk or eggs in. There isn't a clear Vegan or not Vegan section, but the staff are very attentive.
First we ordered 3 starters; Spring Rolls, Steamed Dumplings and my personal favorite steamed and fried Gyoza's (dumplings not vegan, not pictured).
Delicious Gyoza's, I could have eaten 3 plates!
We were lucky to get some vouchers to celebrate Buddha's birthday on Tuesday, after signing up to the mailing list, which prompted our meal, and also enabled us to try a few more dishes than we might usually.
Some of the crispiest Spring Rolls, I've ever had!

In total we order the 3 mentioned starters, 2 mains which were Sweet Coconut Noodles (below), Japanese Fried Rice with Tofu and a side order of Broccoli Stir Fry with Garlic.
We had peppermint tea to share, which was served in a cute btu heavy tea pot with small cups.
My partner finihsed the meal with banana friters with ice cream and caramel sauce.
For my main, I had Sweet Coconut Noodles, with Tofu. Also pictured Stir Fried Broccoli.
I have to admit, the Cococnut Noodles were a bit sweet for me, I wanted a bit more of a spicy kick, and I had to eat my Broccoli and Noodles seperately, as the flavours really didn't work, the Noodles made the Broccoli taste too earthy. I will definetly order a more savory dish next time, but this isn't a critism on the resturant as they had very clearly advertised the noodles!  
I would definetly like to try some more of their dishes, the udon terkyaki is tempting me back. The menu is very flexible in that you can change your dish to have any type of noodle or go carb free and just have all veg; which sounds like a great idea for a vitamin packed lunch!
My over all experience of the resturant was really good, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was very relaxed, and the staff were very attentive.
Sign up to the mailing list and try either the Winchester restaurant or one of the London locations.