Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pulled BBQ Jack fruit

Vegan BBQ Jack Fruit

I finally did it, i made pulled BBQ buns and they were soooo good! 
I can't get over how much this looks like pulled pork, I've never eaten pulled meat, but I'm in love with Pulled Jackfruit. 
A friend referred me to this recipe: 
I made a few alterations, due to not having a few ingredients and made it more spicy. 
After I made these I realised that the tinned Jack fruit is so mild you can really add any sauce to give it characteristic. 
So bbq was a success, I'd like to try a more smokey sauce, Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Indian. 
I tell you honestly, I never made this because it looked like a lot of effort, but in fact it was as easy as most of my weeknight meals. Buy a tin, cook with onion and garlic add stock and twice cook in the oven. Easy! 
The tin game me about enough for 4-5 pork buns I think. 
I would be interested in mixing in some protein, either lentils or beans depending on the sauce. 

Hope this inspires you as it did me!