Monday, 10 October 2011

Canadian Maple Cookies!

My Boyfriend has been hiding Mr. Maple cookies from me, this is clearly not acceptable and as such I have decided to eat lots of them tonight!

The Cookies were brought over from our friend in Canada. She left some for us when we arrived at her house last year when we went to Vancouver Island to stay with her, she said they were her favorite cookies and looked vegan, which they do! also she made some vegan muffins and a Vegan Curry... What a welcome!

May Kaidee, Thai Cooking

A good friend of mine and fellow Art Blogger Claire, is currently travelling around Asia, and while in Thailand found a Vegan resturant and sent me a link.

Im really excited as they do a cooking school too! I'm not the best at cooking Asia's food, and get lost trying to make Tofu taste like anything but sponge, and I always find it is easier to learn by doing or being taught in person, so would love to give this ago in April when I am in Thailand.

As well of course sampling the food at one of her many resturants in the city!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Quick and Easy Enchiladas

Every time I’m presented with an extensive choice at a vegan restaurant, I will always pick Enchiladas!
Two of my favourite examples of this are; when I went to the Chicago Diner (the first time) the plate included re-fried beans and a fan of avocado on top. The Second was on a trip to the town of Glastonbury, where a very cold and weary camper ordered hot Enchilada which was topped with sour cream and a few sliced olives, from Cafe Galatea; I would really recommend this place for a great evening meal!

I used to think it was too much effort to make at home, especially if it is just for me, but I’ve stripped it down to bare essentials for an extremely tasty dinner!

• Vegetables such as peppers and onions (potato and courgettes would work well too)
• TVP-Soya mince
• Taco seasoning
• Vegan Cheese
• Tinned Tomato
• Red onion

First cook up the vegetables until softened, then rehydrate some soya mince by adding hot water until it has expanded and cook this with some taco seasoning or your favourite blend of chilli spices. To make the tomato sauce; in a pan reduce till it is fairly thick.
Holding open the wrap and spoon in the Vegetables, Chill Mince, and add some Vegan Cheese - I use Redwoods Cheezly and a little of the sauce. Roll up one end, tuck both sides in and wrap the rest. Pop this into an oven dish, and spread over the Tomato sauce and scatter some raw onions, bake this until the edges are golden brown and crunchy.
Let them cool a bit before eating! A deliciously crunchy, soft centred treat!
Once on your plate, top with Vegan Sour cream, Avocado or Vegan Mayo and served with some Rice, Re-fried Beans or a crisps salad. a Brownie?

When I first read in PPK’s Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar the Recipe for Deluxe Cocoa Brownies I marked this page for things to bake. When collecting the ingredients I was so intrigued to see the ingredient is TOFU! I love waiting till someone has their first bite before I tell them there is Tofu in the Brownies.

This is a brilliant recipe and makes a lovely moist, rich, crumbly brownie.

I usually serve this straight up, without any topping, but occasionally throwing in some chunks of chocolate, I’ve been eyeing up the Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Brownies for next time.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Vegan Books

I bought myself one of these handy little devises about 3-4 years ago at the Bristol Vegan Fayre (now the Eco Veggie Fayre) and apart from a few Euro trips it hasn’t had much use, the Vegetarian guide to Europe and a phrase book usually serve me well there.
Now, if anyone knows where about in my house this book is, I would really love to know!
Wish me luck on my book hunt!
Looking forward to the effects it will have in Asia.
Has anyone got this book too?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cakes and B-Awake (Basingstoke AWareness and Knowledge Exchange)

I am actively involved in the running of a local Documentary film group in Basingstoke, one a month we spread the knowledge of socially aware issues.
A few of our previous Films include; No impact man, a film about a New Yorker who along with his wife and young child. Trying to reduce their impact on the planet for one year. They buy local, go Vegetarian and once the Toilet roll runs out don’t buy anymore. Don't use electricity or fuel dependant transport. The experiment helps them lose weigh without a gym membership and spend more time than ever as a family.

Other films include; The Cove, Age of Stupid, Death in Gaza, Inside Job and Dirty Oil.

One of the co-founders makes Vegan Gluten Free cakes as to not exclude anyone in the audience.
The cakes are thickly iced and decorated with symbols relevant to the film we’re showing.

Radio active Cake?

Bombs-not Fish

Monday, 3 October 2011

Countdown Store Cupboard Clearout

With 10 days till Travels I’m using up some of the store cupboard staples that only I eat, Pasta fits this category as my Mr is Wheat Free. So to conclude my ‘R’ problem I went for a simple tomato pasta with tender Runner Beans, quite an usual combination, but I love chunky vegetables to munch on when eating pasta. I spinkled a little Cheezely on top too!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


No my keyboard isn’t stuck.

My garden is full of home grown veg and herbs beginning with the letter R (does this sound like Sesame Street to anyone) Rhubarb, Rosemary and Runner Beans.

So although I’m not taking part in Vegan MoFo Officially (as I’m leaving to go backpacking for 10 months during the MoFo) I’m taking this opportunity to blog lots before I go!

So what should I make?

Last time I used the runner beans in an Appetite for Reduction “Bowl” style meal with lettuce, steamed kale and Avocado-a very green bowl pg 266-267.

Runner Beans taste great steamed or boiled and served straight up with a little salt pepper, chilli or soy sauce-they are so tender, usually eaten within 20 minutes of picking!
Maybe to stick with the R theme I should make a Runner Bean Risotto.

Alternatively I have seen a recipe for Rosemary Focaccia in Veganomicon pg 220-221.

As for the Rhubarb, I’m a traditionalist and usually stick to a warm oatie Crumble with custard or ice cream! If anyone can think of a non Crumble use for Rhubarb I'm listening.

The light is fading here, so I best get picking!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

This time last year I was making Vegan Dinosaur cake at work, because my friend Gemma was leaving. Ironically this year I had my last day at work yesterday, as im off Backpacking for 10 months soon, I got lots of lovely presents (including bourbon biscuits) and flowers from my friends at work, also got a wind up Tri-Sarah-tops toy!

In conclusion Dinosaurs are amazing!

Dinosaur Cakes-original post can be found here

My cake had more of a dragon look to it Gemma’s cake looked a lot more realistic-a bit scary in fact (fake blood included)!

This was my first ever try at making a cake that didn’t look like a cake, and I would gladly do it again, although I would buy pre coloured icing in the future, to save a lot of time!

My questions to you is; has anyone out there ever made an animal cake?