Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shree Lal, Kathmandu

In the heart of Thamel, this restaurant offers up some of the cheapest and tastiest food in the area. 

The individual curry and rice can seem like an expensive option, but if you go for the Thali big set meal for one at only 175 Nepalese Rupees (about £1.35) you may end up eating here every we did.

 Who can resist a selection of curry, pulses, veg, Dahl, rice, bread and popadum with a banana to complete the meal! The tofu spinach (Saag) is defiantly something I will cook at home. 

The husband and wife owners are so friendly and have made a wonderful business.  When I quizzed them about vegan food on their menu, they informed me 75% was vegan. Just don't order anything with curd (yoghurt), milk or paneer (cheese) though they can make any paneer dish with tofu instead!

It's so refreshing to be able to say vegan and be understood!  Apart from the curd on their Big Set Meal (Thali) that's all vegan, ad they don't use Ghee or Egg is any dish.  So if you do find yourself in Kathmandu and want a change from Momo's and trekkers Dahl Bhat this restaurant offers a feast of amazing Indian dishes a highly recommended gem.

 Easy to find as it is also in the lonely planet guide, and on Happy Cow..

Blogging on the road isn't easy when all you have is your boyfriends iPhone, and lack the time to write up more than your journal and postcards. But I hope you all enjoy hearing about my adventures. I will be regularly cooking and blogging in August when I return to the UK.

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