Monday, 27 May 2013

Ms Cupcake Golden Syrup Cupcakes and a Roller Marathon

After the long awaited release date I finally got my hands on a copy of Ms Cupcakes recipe book.
Ive been a fan of Ms Cupcake since my first encounter when I stopped off there before visiting a Roller Derby game in London, Ms Cupcake was at the game too, as one of her staff was a roller girl too.
I don't get to visit as much as I like, but I am always looking at the tasty photos of their treats online.
I have always been really impressed with their cakes, especially the Gluten Free ones, as they taste equally as good as the wheaty ones.
Golden Syrup Cupcake recipe by Ms Cupcake
This weekend I skated 26 miles for charity as part of the South Coast Roll at Goodwood motor circuit. Our team Basingstoke Bullets skated a total of 583.2 miles and raised £500 for the Youth Sports Trust. It was hard work to skate 26 miles but I was so happy to have the support of my team.

As the tradition seems to go, I make a batch of vegan GF cupcakes for all the gang.
I have been eyeing up my new cupcake book for a few days and eventually made my choice.

 Im really addicted to golden syrup porridge and the smell of it sends me into a frenzy.
I thought about making vanilla cupcakes as anything too fancy might not suit everyones taste buds, (cinnamon haters) but when I saw this Golden Syrup Cupcake Recipe I knew I had to make them.
Icing using a plastic bag, next time I will be using real icing kit.
The best things bout Ms Cupcakes book (apart from the beautiful 50's style photos) is the English-American ingredients translation, as I have never known what to use in my frosting/buttercream as a shortening, the book suggest Trek, which is pretty solid at room temperate which makes for perfect frosting on a sunny day.

Jaffa Cakes and Turkish Delight Cake are high on my to make list as well as custard icing!
Ive already spurred a few friends curiosity to buy the book with my cupcake photos on Instagram DropkickNoMercy.
You should buy Ms Cupcakes book and then join a Roller Derby team; this sport seems to come with vegan cakes (and sometimes vegans too).


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