Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Zero waste, plastic free bathroom

The kitchen is the first place you can start reducing your plastic intake, buying fruit and veg without packaging. Only buying what you need, so you don't end up binning food. But after you've got your head around that, the bathroom is the next best place to start making some eco choices!

Who Gives a Crap toilet roll: 

In my first zero waste post I talked about getting the trial pack from Who Gives a Crap, since then we have had our first full order. It was great that they emailed to say the order would be dispatched in a few days, so we could cancel or move the delivery. We didn't, we got the delivery. I had them delivered to work. Im really happy with the rolls, they last ages, due to being double length and 3 ply. We haven't used the kitchen roll or tissues from the trial box yet, as its not part of our routine, so we decided not to add anything onto the order. I'm hoping to use the paper wrappers from the rolls to dry the compost bin and see how quick they compost. 
We are very happy with the swap and hope to keep it up long term. 
In fact about 6 months on we still have about 20 rolls left, I personally love not having the mental weight of needing to remember to buy and check on loo rolls, buying loo roll twice a year suits me. The patterned paper is cute enough that I don't mind them being on display, and have been reusing and the paper wrappers. The red roll is the emergency one, don't open this unless your next order is on its way!

Lush solid Shampoo and Conditioners:

Next up we were running low on shampoo and conditioner. I have been going to Lush for over 10 years, and previously bought the solid shampoo, even took one travelling around Asia. The solid conditioner bars were newer, I think I've used one before but it wasn't the same shape bar. I am in love with both the fragranced of these bars, mixed together they are lovely too. Jason and the argentine oils, and Jungle avocado and banana conditioner bar. My hair is nice and soft and my bathroom looks better without the bottles. me and the other half both have long hair, and have both been using theses bars in the bath and shower, and are happy with them. The conditioner is harder to apply, as you cant really tell if its on your hair, like with normal liquid ones, so just kind of wing it and check it all feels a little covered.
Very happy with this swap.

We did find a zero waste shop, that refills with shampoo and conditioner, and found this a lot more expensive, which in turn meant we were more sparing with the amount of product we used. When we ran out on conditioner, we weren't able to get to that zero waste shop, so we went without conditioner for a few week. The first few times my hair missed the conditioner, but after a few weeks, I felt like my hair was used to it, and I could wash my hair less often without it feeling oily. 

Sanitary products:

When I was in Brighton a few months ago I saw cotton washable sanitary towels, for me theses are the best option, however there are other options on the market, like moon cups/ diva cups, and pants to be worn during those days of your cycle. However it depends what you're already used to and how heavy your flow is.    
These towels are made in India, and the company is funding job and better sanitary care for the people there. They are very cute bright colours, and have a little popper. I stopped using the disposable ones a while ago, I didn't like how bad they were for the planet, and they didn't feel very nice either, the plastic would get too warm, the wings sticking to everything and just uncomfortable. I think I have some leftover in my cupboard still, but I will donate these. 
I bought the light day versions which was a pack of 3, this covers me for the 2-3 days I usually need them for. I wash them in the sink and then throw them in the washing machine. pop them back in my draw until next month, but I keep one folded into a very discreet origami style square in my handbag. 
Very happy with this swap too!

We still need to tackle a few more things like toothpaste (I did previously make my own, but have since stopped that in the busyness that is daily life). I already have a bamboo toothbrush, I've been using them for a few years. I've used Lush toothy tabs, which aren't plastic free but I think the pots can be taken back to Lush.

Cotton face pads, instead of cotton wool pads for taking off make up, I bought 3 cotton reusable pads. They are so easy to wash, I do it in the bathroom by hand, and I just pop them on the radiator to dry. I don't wear a lot of make up, so 3 in rotation is good for me. I've even taken one on holiday in my make up bag to clean my face. They're great, and were cheap too. 

We use bars of soap which we easily can get packaging free. 

We haven't found a bathroom cleaning alternative yet, hoping to use up what we have then investigate what we can do, toilet cleaner too.

Speaking of cleaner, I have a bottle of white vinegar with some chopped lime rinds, this makes the smell a little bit more pleasant for cleaning, mix with bicarb for great cleaning action!

Hope you enjoyed readying this, if you have any tips, or want more information on what I am doing, please comment below or message me.  

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