Saturday, 8 December 2012

Grazing on good food

Recently a friend gave me her graze box; two of the items were vegan, so I happily munched them and gave the other two to my partner to eat.
I’ve known about graze a little while, only signed up this month. I was at first worried not a lot would be vegan, but once you sign up you can “BIN” any non-vegan items; So all things with yoghurt, honey and milk powder gone, YAY!
The first box is free, and you can actually cancel your subscription at any time.
My first box was a mix of fruits and nuts, lots of goji berries and a little chocolate very healthy.
My second box had ‘Jaffa cake’, herby bread basket, afternoon tea and crumble and pure vitality. Less healthy but got eaten quickly! I couldn’t believe the herby crouton style bread basket was only 83calories as it felt quite indulgent. The Jaffa cake orange flavoured raisins are so tasty!
With all their promotions they seem to be growing from strength to strength and are expanding to the USA soon.
Its £3.89 per box and the delivery is free, and the box is designed to fit in your post box. Any friends who join can earn you a £1 off or a charitable donation to farming in Uganda.

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