Friday, 20 September 2013

Vegan Wedding food

At our friends wedding mentioned below the bride and groom are both pretty health conscious and were really concerned about making sure everyone was catered to, they made sure the venue would have vegan and wheat free meals available to all guests. Thought this doesn’t sound like a difficult thing, this venue really excelled!
The wedding was held at a beautiful barn conversion and the theme was Fuchsia pink. My partner and I were seated with a Buddhist couple who we had met before, so in all we were a vegetarian table, and I was the only one who drank alcohol (two bottles per table is a tall order for one person!)
The table was decorated with little butterflies with the name and menu choices on, and most importantly for the girls a table favour in the form of butterfly cookie cutter to take home (best idea ever!)
The first course was soup, whilst the other veggies on the table had an orange soup, I had a beautiful rich Beetroot soup, and oh my, it was amazing! I’m really addicted to beetroot things (juices, burgers, raw in salad), and this soup had a really good tomato taste too and was the perfect thickness and rather filling.
The main course was risotto, I am totally addicted to risotto too, my Mr doesn’t like it, and so I generally only make it when I’m having a meal for one. This was a deliciously filling meal; it is very easy to make a veggie risotto and keep it vegan simply by not using butter and not adding any cream or cheese until the very end (I noticed the regular risotto had some cheese on top). I managed to finish the plate, mostly because it was so tasty, I was totally full.
The dessert was a huge fruit salad in fruit juice, my neighbour at the table as pretty jealous; being vegan is the best way to get tasty healthy fruit. Though I do like chocolate cake at times!

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