Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sri Lanka

Jack Fruit
I had tried Jack fruit a few times in Cambodia and India, but this we had ripped open and ate after dinner.
King Coconut
We didn't have to go far for the fresh hydrating goodness of  young coconut, these were growing in the garden of my friends house Grace. You can see the tree in this photo.
Soya Ice Cream
I came about these Vanilla and Chocolate cones, randomly when we took a day trip to Hikkudawa, after checking out the festival parade i spotted an ice cream trek plastered with pictures of Soya beans, and asked if there was milk in it. No all Soya beans, yum!! Accidental Highlight of the day...especially as I had miss lunch.  

Unawatuna beach

Load up on your vitamins with Marmite

Cocoa beans

These have a lychee texture, and the beans inside taste like chocolate but have a hard texture and aren't really edible.

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