Wednesday, 4 May 2011


If like me you love Avocados then I’ve got a few tips. I’ll be giving you the lowdown on where (in my local area – North Hants, South England) is best if you need some guacamole!

It seems you either find yourself with rock solid Avo’s that after two weeks are still not ripe, but when you cut into them are brown, not a good mix. Or you have the over ripe ones with a multitude of finger tip sizes bruises on them.

Morrison’s offers pot luck; sometimes turns up a ripe one and if it’s the cheapest own brand your laughing, but mostly they have rock solid (I not patient enough to not eat an Avocado if I see it in my kitchen) and very little choice.
Tesco offer some overprices apparently especially ripe ones, but I often find them to only be average, again a bit of potluck.
My local Sainsbury’s and Co-op, my favourite supermarket, especially for their *Vegan Labelling, are no so local, and I can’t justify driving 7 miles, when I have shops on my door step.


My Best advice is…[drum roll please]

Marks and Spenser’s, you may know that Marks’s is a notoriously expensive shop and only for getting “bits” not doing a weekly shop. But I recently discovered they do a great range of Avocado, which is evenly priced with Tesco and Morrison’s, and sometimes has special offers too!
They do a few varieties, which include the soya crème de la soya crème, Baby Avocado’s which aren’t all stone, like some you can buy and are lovely and in a pack of 4, and usually don’t all ripen at the same time! They are the perfect size to eat a whole one without it being excessive, meaning no half avocado in the Fridge turning brown!

Happy Shopping my little salad (or Mexican food) lovers!

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