Sunday, 9 October 2011

Quick and Easy Enchiladas

Every time I’m presented with an extensive choice at a vegan restaurant, I will always pick Enchiladas!
Two of my favourite examples of this are; when I went to the Chicago Diner (the first time) the plate included re-fried beans and a fan of avocado on top. The Second was on a trip to the town of Glastonbury, where a very cold and weary camper ordered hot Enchilada which was topped with sour cream and a few sliced olives, from Cafe Galatea; I would really recommend this place for a great evening meal!

I used to think it was too much effort to make at home, especially if it is just for me, but I’ve stripped it down to bare essentials for an extremely tasty dinner!

• Vegetables such as peppers and onions (potato and courgettes would work well too)
• TVP-Soya mince
• Taco seasoning
• Vegan Cheese
• Tinned Tomato
• Red onion

First cook up the vegetables until softened, then rehydrate some soya mince by adding hot water until it has expanded and cook this with some taco seasoning or your favourite blend of chilli spices. To make the tomato sauce; in a pan reduce till it is fairly thick.
Holding open the wrap and spoon in the Vegetables, Chill Mince, and add some Vegan Cheese - I use Redwoods Cheezly and a little of the sauce. Roll up one end, tuck both sides in and wrap the rest. Pop this into an oven dish, and spread over the Tomato sauce and scatter some raw onions, bake this until the edges are golden brown and crunchy.
Let them cool a bit before eating! A deliciously crunchy, soft centred treat!
Once on your plate, top with Vegan Sour cream, Avocado or Vegan Mayo and served with some Rice, Re-fried Beans or a crisps salad.

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