Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cakes and B-Awake (Basingstoke AWareness and Knowledge Exchange)

I am actively involved in the running of a local Documentary film group in Basingstoke, one a month we spread the knowledge of socially aware issues.
A few of our previous Films include; No impact man, a film about a New Yorker who along with his wife and young child. Trying to reduce their impact on the planet for one year. They buy local, go Vegetarian and once the Toilet roll runs out don’t buy anymore. Don't use electricity or fuel dependant transport. The experiment helps them lose weigh without a gym membership and spend more time than ever as a family.

Other films include; The Cove, Age of Stupid, Death in Gaza, Inside Job and Dirty Oil.

One of the co-founders makes Vegan Gluten Free cakes as to not exclude anyone in the audience.
The cakes are thickly iced and decorated with symbols relevant to the film we’re showing.

Radio active Cake?

Bombs-not Fish

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