Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Vegan Books

I bought myself one of these handy little devises about 3-4 years ago at the Bristol Vegan Fayre (now the Eco Veggie Fayre) and apart from a few Euro trips it hasn’t had much use, the Vegetarian guide to Europe and a phrase book usually serve me well there.
Now, if anyone knows where about in my house this book is, I would really love to know!
Wish me luck on my book hunt!
Looking forward to the effects it will have in Asia.
Has anyone got this book too?


  1. I have it, I've found it quite useful in countries where I really can't speak a word of the language but in most places I find a phrasebook & lots of Happy Cow research works pretty well.

  2. I love Happy Cow, and they have an App now, which I use on my BF's Iphone.
    I asked a German Girl and a Dutch Couple, who confirmed it is correct in their languages. As well as asking my Russian and India friends who said it translates great and will be really useful!
    The Vegan Society are releasing a new version with Tibetan and a few other languages in too I've heard