Wednesday, 12 September 2012


We spend one month travelling in china, in possibly the coldest months December/January.
China is portrayed as the worst country for vegetarian.
We travelled without a guide book and used Happy Cows website to scout for vegetarian restaurant.

Yes, there were a few hungry nights, and our appetites shrunk, but we ate some really tasty food too.
Vegetarianism is a strange concept for most chinese people, and sadly of lot of chinese bread is sweet and conains eggs, and meat oil isnt always excluded from vegetable dishes.

Veganism isnt common either, but I met a lovely family of vegans in Kunming.

My favorite foods were Morning glory fried with garlic, spicy fried Tofu, and they cook good Aubergine.

Chinese McDonalds

Birthday treats

Vegan treats from Kunming

Spicy strips of tasty tofu

Morning glory in sticky garlic sauce with fake meat

Morning glory with rice (£1 bargin)

Free Beer in Chengdu's hostel

My first Brown rice in china, Chengdu

Dumplings, Xian

Cougette Salad, Xian

Green beans and aubergine, Xian

Spicy Tofu, Xian

Veggie Supplies.

Drying vegetables in Kunming

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  1. Wow, I'm very jealous of your travels in China. I can't wait to go there one day.