Saturday, 29 September 2012

Get Naked!!!

OK, it’s far too cold for that in Autumnal Britain, but to help get through the winter blues I need chocolate, but it can still be healthy.
The local super market had a special offer on Nakd Bars. I first tried these as free samples at the 2006  Bristol Vegan Fayre, I instantly fell in love with the Oaty Apple Pie and Banana Bread.
The BEST thing about Nakd is you know (and can pronounce) all the ingredients. These usually consist of Cashews, Dates, Raisins and whatever flavour the bar is.
The Cashew Cookie flavour has just 49% dates and 51% cashews THAT’S IT! It has a much softer texture and rich natural flavours, and looked a little bit oily but tastes great and is a bit cookie-ish.
The Apple Pie flavour comes in two sizes, one is bigger than usual the 35g bars, and has chunky dried apple and a hint of cinnamon, these make you want to throw away your baked pies.
My new love is the Orange Cocoa flavour; which has the above ingredients plus cocoa and orange, simple right? It is dryer than the others and lacks the same natural flavours but it’s comparable to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and might even convert Dawn French. It’s a great chocolate substitute.
They are so natural and so good, it feels like a treat to eat them and they are perfect for before or after exercise, but they are a little addictive, a little high in fat and a little bit pricey. Normal retail price is 75p-99p for a bar.
“Wholefoods smooshed together. Cold pressed, never baked, no added sugar and syrup”
Raw fruit and nut bars, some have oats so Gluten intolerent's keep an eye on the packaging.
Wheat and dairy free, 100% Vegan and less than 150 calories
This company knows it audience and I’ve been pretty faithful since that first taste so many years ago.
The variety of flavours are based on the same ingredients but really help satisfy different cravings, if you are in the mood for a chocolate bar, a cookie or a pie all these Nakd bars will satisfy!

Insanely old photo of me, my bf and my bestie looking so young!

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  1. Cocoa Orange are my favourite. My boyfriend told me he'd tried a new Rhubarb and Custard flavour one the other day that was great too. I like your theme of firsts. I'm going to be doing a week of sweet making and have got truffles on the list.