Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ultimate Cheezey comfort food

Grilled Cheezly and tomato on Toast

I drool a little bit on my laptop every time I see this

For me this is the ultimate in indulgent food.

I love savoury food over sweet, and since I got back from Travelling I've really made up for not having vegan cheese for 10 months.

Usually I go for Cheezly toasted sandwiches and use a crusty Baguette, squishing it, Panini style in mini George Foreman grill with some raw red onion and black pepper.

But when I saw a photo of non vegan cheese and tomato on toast I realised I haven't made this in years!

I'm struggling right now to not run in the kitchen to make one.

You need to use Bakery bread to get the right kind of contrast of soft cheese and crusty bread, I don't grate the Cheezly because I find it works better sliced thinly, the tomato cuts through the richness of the cheeze nicely.

I usually use either Red or White Cheddar Cheezly, but at Christmas I was lucky enough to try Redwoods trio which included a Pepper Jack cheeze, which made great but spicy toasties!

I have used the mozzarella in toasties too; it is Super Melty, but a very mild flavour and can be like molten lava if you don’t have patience.

I don’t really eat Cheezly uncooked, as I never liked uncooked cheese before I was vegan.


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