Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Vegan MOFO 1st Scones

This is a Vegan 1st, but also a personal 1st; I’ve never baked a scone before.
I was suffering severe English Tea Room Envy when we introduced our Chilean friends to this tea time treat.

Scones are non-sweet bready cakes, which you slice in half, butter and top with jam and Clotted Cream. To any American readers, I think scones are similar to ‘biscuits’.

 I got the recipe from a working flour mill in the beautiful City of Winchester, which also contributed the whole meal flour to making these beauties, ground freshly in house.

The only thing the recipe called for that wasn’t vegan was milk, so was really easy to veganise.

It took two attempts but Wow, these are good, the whole family agrees!
My first flavour was the classic raisin scone, followed by the glorious Cherry Scones…mmmmmm. These were heavenly topped with Soya butter and good Strawberry Jam.

 The recipe tells you to knead and roll the dough, but realistically you can just bring it together with your hand and keep it really thick. I can’t emphasise this enough, it should be at least an inch.

The second time I didn’t bother to glaze the tops with milk, it’s really unnecessary and I prefer the crumbly look.

Quality over quantity here, you make only get 7 big scones rather than 12 flat ones.

I invested in new metal sharp Scone Cutters as mine were only actually half an inch deep.

Next time I make a batch it will have to either be for an event, or I will freeze a few, pre sliced.


  1. fancy scone cutters! so neat. good job on yours, they look delicious.


    1. Thank you, I've been reading your blog. Your kitchenware is quite extraordinary! x

  2. Your scones look really delicious! Makes me want to make some myself :)

  3. Those look deliciouw. Were you able to come up with a recipe for vegan clotted cream?