Friday, 12 October 2012

Heinz Squeeze Soup Review

I saw these in the shops last year but never thought to try them, as I love making soup but I bought one and was given the other, I hoped they would make a nice change at lunch time. when I'm busy.
They are a sachet of thick condensed soup, that you add water to and have in a cup.
I had two at lunch this week;
I really didn't like the Mediterranean Vegetable flavour as it was sweeter than my cuppa tea!
The Minestrone Soup was miles better, a nice quick lunch with a few Ryvita crackers, and the pasta looked like little lentils.
The first soup really made me want to go out buy a single soup carrier thermos and make my own soup, because there is nothing as tasty and easy to make as homemade soup.
Everyone should made soup at home, it’s the easiest way to make a hot tasty meal whilst using up whatever you have in the fridge.
I have quite a relaxed attitude to soup and general throw in what is to hand then make the decision to blend or not. Leak and Potato is one of my favourite homemade flavours, tinned will never have the same thickness.
Another tale from the exciting life of an office temp.

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