Sunday, 21 October 2012

Vegan 1st; Oyster Sauce and Toasted Sesame Oil

Before I left for travelling my aunt kindly bought me a bottle of Vegan Chinese style Oyster sauce. with the recent success of marinated tofu, I decided to make a dinner having another go at the tofu.
I also picked up some Toasted Sesame Oil, in the spirit of trying new things.

Tofu Veggies and brown rice

I made a HUGE stir fry, so dinner for 2 and lunch for 2 sorted! I was amazed at how much of a Punch of flavour the Toasted Sesame Oil gave to the stir fry. Ive never used it before, but a few drops gives a strong slightly chinese taste. 
I loved the Mushroom sauce, it was rich, full of flaour and not over-sweet. I have used mushroom sauce once before, in Thailand at the cooking school, I think we used it for Pad Thai.

Huge Bowl of Veggies

Stir frying the Veggies

Yummy Sauce

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