Thursday, 11 October 2012

Vegan 1st Mofo; Wagamama’s Japanese Fusion

This is a different kind of 1st, a little history of a young Dada Vegan.
Wagamama is one of my favourite places to out for a meal.
The 1st time I ate at Wagamama was before I went vegan, I was introduced to Wagamama’s by the girl who told me what a vegan diet was! I took my Mr to Wagamama as he had never tried it, and that was 7 years ago. I celebrated my 18th birthday there, and have had lots of date nights with him and nights out with friends there.
My home town Basingstoke doesn’t have any vegetarian restaurants and doesn’t have many independently owned restaurants either.
A few years ago they opened a branch in Heathrow T5 which we had before our flight to Chicago in 2010.
We even found a Wagamama in Australia.
Back to the start, my 1st ever dish there was the Yasai Yaki Soba, (Yasai meaning Vegetable and Soba the type of noodle)
Now my two favourite dishes on their menu are vegan without any changes; the Yasai Itame; a Rice noodle soup with coconut and chilli.
The side dish of Yasai Gyoza; steamed and grilled dumplings with carrot and crunchy water chestnuts.
They also do lovely Juices made with freshly juiced fruits and vegetables (apple skin and all).
They have an allergy sheet and can make a lot of the veggie dishes vegan by changing the noodles or removing the egg. Sadly one dish I really miss is the Yashi Katsu Curry, which is made using eggy Packo bread crumbs.
The Yasai Chilli men, Yasai Cha han can be made vegan.
Anyone who hasn’t tried it, I would say give it a shot, I find the food to be really flavourful, fresh and different.

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  1. I haven't been to Wagamama for ages! I'm excited that they've changed their menu to add vegan steamed dumplings and sushi.