Thursday, 18 October 2012

Vegan 1st: Falafel

Burger or that new falafel recipe?! Oh the choices...I want both!
Warning: falafel food porn commencing
So falafel burger and chips it is.
I was feeling the mood for a good Diner style burger and fries and this really hit the spot.
I got this recipe from a girl at work; she got it from the slimming world website, so it must be low fat. I like it, because it’s all natural ingredients and spices gluten free. The original recipe calls for an egg, which I omitted, also the recipe is to serve 6-8 people; so I reduced the Chickpeas by half and cut some other ingredients down too.
· Grate the 1 carrot in the food processor, removing any chunky bits - chefs perks.
· Add half a chopped onion, 2 cloves grated garlic.
· Freshly ground spices; coriander, cumin, ground ginger and chilli powder
· Tin of drained chickpeas or flageolet beans
· Handful of fresh coriander
The recipe suggests you leave it for a few hours for the flavours to mix, so I made it last night and left time for the flavours to develop in a bowl in the fridge over night.
Make into falafel burgers or balls.
Grill on the George foreman, in the oven, or fry.
I found the nix really crumbly and really needed a nice big dollop of humous! I used low fat humous and mixed in some fresh coriander and served this with some sweet chilli sauce and a side of french fries.



  1. Oh man, that looks so I good! I really want a falafel burger now!

  2. And I really want a vegan hotdog x