Friday, 5 October 2012

Local Health Food Swag Mofo; 1st's

Most of this food haul is from my local non-chain health food shop Vitality in Basingstoke, in the spirit of 1st's I am trying this Pate and Braised Tofu for the first time.
I have always seen them in the shop but thought, hmmm not sure if I will like this.
But the Tofu was a real surprise, it looked like tuna in the can and I just threw it into a dinner of potatoes and vegetables, it really added a nice meaty texture and taste, without being too chewy, I would buy it again and either made a spread or a spicy chinese style dish.
The Pate was not what I was expecting, a little creamy and a little spicy, perfect for crackers! One problem is you have to keep it in the fridge but it doesn't squeeze out very well when its cold.

Kallo Belgian Dark Chocolate Rice cake thins
Braised Tofu
Dairy Free Gluten Free Cheese Sauce Powder
Mature Red Cheddar Cheezly
Egg Free Garlic Mayo
Spicy Mexican Pate
Tamari Soya Sauce
The Kallo Chocolate Rice cakes I only found the other day and already they are my new favourite things they are so tasty and remind me of wafer bars, like Blue Riband or something.
I also saw for the first time Braggs Liquid Aminos in this very shop, imported from America.
I went on to helped two ladies who were wandering around the shop talking about how they never see Braggs in England (they were originally from the USA) so I pointed them in the right direction, they said its amazing stuff and worth the money.


  1. I love those Kallo chocolate rice cakes too, they're extra amazing if you spread peanut butter on them!